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Capella Tower Health Club Bags Tournament


September 13 - October 18


Sky Deck


Join us for the annual Capella Tower BagsTournament! Teams will be placed into groups of 4-6 teams for 20 minute, round robin style games. The winner of each game will be the first team to 21 points. After the first five weeks, the team with the highest winning record in their group will advance to the single elimination games on October 18.

**Limit of 24 teams


1st place: Vikings Tickets

Runner-up: one month of FREE parking

Wednesday September 13th-October 11th copy.png

November Beat Your Mile Time 


October 16 - November 17


In the health club, at home, or outside.


Register for the program and receive a 5k training program.

-October 16 - October 20, record your mile time.

-November 13 - 17, re-record your mile time.

Participants who record and submit both mile times will be entered into a raffle to win. If you've made any improvements to your mile time, your name will be placed in the raffle twice!



(3) $50 gift cards to Mill City Running!

Beat your mile time 2023 cappella.png

Tenant Wellness Services


Did you know that Capella Tower Health Club can support your employees' health & well-being in your office (or virtually)?! Let us help you and your coworkers get moving and reduce mental clutter with a stretch break or mini-meditation session.

These services can be delivered directly to your office by our professional wellness team in a group​ setting and are generally no more than 10 minutes long.

Stretch Breaks: Do you find yourself tight after a long day at work? Have us come to your space! A group stretching session is conducted to include lower body and upper body stretches targeting specific areas for the desk employee.

Meditation Breaks: A group meditation session includes breathing exercises and imagery to allow each participant to release stress and tension.

​BONUS these breaks are offered at NO COST to you through the fitness center.

Contact Breanna, to coordinate a wellness break for your department today

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