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Did you know that Capella Tower Health Club can bring a healthy culture right to your office?


Happy, healthy employees are higher performing and more engaged employees. Services such as private blood pressure screenings, meditation breaks and chair yoga can be delivered directly to your workplace by our professional team of onsite certified personal trainers and wellness professionals.


These services can be customized to fit your organizations' needs and can include your entire company or can be more exclusive to smaller departments. Together we can grow a culture of wellness at Capella Tower Health Club!


To schedule a customized worksite wellness service, email Breanna,

( *Indicates that service may have an additional fee.)

Blood Pressure* - Bring blood pressure testing to you! High blood pressure can have no signs or symptoms which can make it go unnoticed. Participants will be provided helpful tips on how to lower blood pressure. One staff person will come into your office space to take blood pressure readings for all interested employees. Results are confidential.


Stretch Breaks - Do you find yourself tight after a long day at work? Have us come to your space! A group stretching session is conducted to include lower body and upper body stretches targeting specific areas for the desk employee. One staff person comes to a community area within department or office space. Generally 5-15 minutes.


Lunch & Learns* - Choose from a list of prepared topics, or have us create a lunch & learn for the topic of your choice. One staff person presents a seminar for a designated group within the department or office. Generally 45-60 minutes. 


Meditation Breaks - A group meditation session includes breathing exercises and imagery to allow each participant to release stress and tension. One staff person comes to a private area within department or office space. Generally 5-10 minutes.


Office/Chair Yoga* - Chair yoga is a wonderful way to relax from head to toe without the stress of leaving the office. This class is meant for all levels of fitness. One instructor comes into the office space to conduct this relaxing class. Generally 15-30 minutes.

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