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Fitness Video

Fitness anytime, anywhere. Over 200 videos on YouTube!

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Did you know that AdvantageHealth has been producing numerous fitness, yoga and health education videos over the last year? And we continue to create new content weekly.


This led us to create the AdvantageHealth YouTube channel, where you can access all videos anytime, anywhere for free!




Trusted Video Creation


Our video collection is a high quality resource to utilize with employees. All videos have been created by our certified Personal Trainers and Health Educators. You can trust that the workouts include an appropriate warm-up and cool-down to avoid injury (unlike many other YouTube videos). We even offer specialty prenatal fitness and prenatal yoga classes (taught by specialty certified trainers).


Health & Fitness Made Simple


Our workouts require little equipment, space and time. Many workouts don't require any fitness equipment (just body weight), and all workouts can be done at home, while requiring little space. The workouts are often "express" for busy people, yet very effective.


Fitness Videos & So Much More!


Some of our most popular workout videos are: HIIT workouts, Core & More, yoga, prenatal yoga & fitness and meditation/guided relaxation.


We even offer healthy recipe videos and general health education videos on all areas of wellness including financial, sleep, stress and more!

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